Industrial Oil Purifiers

Dehydrate, filter, remove carbon from transformer and insulating oils. Remove water, particulate, light end volatiles and entrained air from lubricating, hydraulic and gear oils. 

PFM low-vacuum oil purifiers are offered in two service categories:

Dehydrate, degas, and filter transformer and other insulating oils.  Moisture removal rates are typically <10 ppm.

Secondly, PFM’s Pro-Vac Series of vacuum dehydrators are offered to remove water, particulate and light end contaminants from lubricating, hydraulic, gear and other industrial oils.

Applications Include:
• Oil Purification (Transformer, Hydraulic, Industrial Insulating Oils)
• Vacuum Filling Transformers
• Oil Reclamation
• CT Scan and X-Ray Tube Insulating Oil
• Oil Recycling
• Offshore/Marine Oil Purification



Pure Filtration Machinery vacuum oil purifiers are compact and mobile.

Pro-Vac systems include filtration to remove particulate contamination below 1 micron using multi-layered micro glass, ßx(c)≥1000, filter media. Micron efficiencies range from 25µm down to 1µm in order to attain any desired ISO Cleanliness Code.

We manufacture various sizes to process any size reservoir, tank or transformer. Our systems are available in trailers for mobility. Sizes range from 3 gallon/minute to 70 gallon/minute


Industries Include


Standard Systems Include:
1. Low watt density fin tube heaters create maximum surface area for rapid oil heating without damaging the oil. Heaters are protected by a flow switch that will de-energize the heaters in loss of flow conditions. Any over temperature thermocouple offers secondary protection against thermal damage.

  1. The vacuum chamber is the central vessel of a vacuum dehydrator. We offer large void space volume and permanent random packing to create massive surface area so that the oil, as it is cascading through the packing, is exposed to the vacuum conditions as long as possible. A secondary benefit to this packing is that there are no filters / dispersal elements to change, thus lowering your cost of operation.
  2. Instrumentation for unattended operation.
  3. Centralized NEMA 4 Control Panel and Gauge Panel to provide the operator with information needed to insure proper operation of the system.
  4. Automatic foam control system.
  5. Air Cooled Condenser properly sized to condense vapors to liquid under vacuum conditions. Water drops out in a condensate tank to keep moisture from collecting in the vacuum pump.
  6. High quality Industrial Filter Vessels with swing bolt closures for ease of filter change outs. Filter elements utilize the latest micro glass filter element media sourced by the top media producers in the USA to insure ßx(c)≥1000 efficiency as per ISO 16889. Dirty filter light(s) alert the operator when filter element change outs are needed.
  7. High quality welded pipe braced and flanged where possible.
  8. Heavy duty base with containment, exterior cage, fork lift slots, lifting eyes and casters (when required).

Moisture Removal

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