Portable Oil Purifier (POP)


Remove moisture and gas
With a Portable Oil Purifier (POP)

Portable Oil Purifier

Moisture Removal

5 ppm

Dielectric Strength

Improvement up to 60 kV

Gas Removal

Less than 0.1% by volume

Particulate Removal

99.9% of 3 micron; ISO Cleanliness Code of 16/13/11 or better


Portable Oil Purifier (POP)

All Pro-Filtration equipment is made in the USA with American steel.


Made in USA

Mounted on castor wheels for ease of mobility. 


Simple and easy to operate with option for online degassing and dehydration

Easy to Operate

“I used to have to bring my big rig and generator to small jobs, which meant bringing two trucks, two drivers, etc. Now thanks to the POP (portable oil purifier) I can fit my oil purifier and generator in the bed of one pickup truck.” 

– Pro-Filtration customer


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